TANGMAN is a songwriter / musician

based in Los Angeles, California USA. He live - performs using a self-contained portable stage equipment setup of guitar, synthesizer, looper and vocals. for large venues, An XLR connection to a PA system and AC power source is preferred; optionally for small venues, he can run his stage setup and onstage monitor through his own battery power.

Available to travel in the USA and Internationally or to In-Studio record. (Fully vaccinated - Moderna)

TANGMAN performs Original Indie Rock - songs in English that comment on social values and norms, combining all styles and influences. A live-on-stage mix and looping of rhythm, guitar, synthesizer, and vocal harmony. His current library of original music is over 60 songs on 6 Albums.

TANGMAN street performs regularly in Burbank and Santa Monica, California; in various Farmers Markets throughout Los Angeles; as well as various venues and festivals.

Artist: TangMan

Producer: Rockit Writer

Publisher: IndieRock Music

Distribution: DistroKid

Licensing: ASCAP

Contact Person: Mark Tang

Contact Email: tangmanmusic@gmail.com

Contact Phone: 818-749-1406

Business Card