SONGLIST - POV - VOL5 - QZ-E47-21-10500

(c)2010 - 2021 Mark Tang. All Rights Reserved. Lyrics and Music by Mark Tang aka TangMan. Recordings Produced by Rockit Writer.

these are the original songs of Mark Tang aka TangMan, grouped by the 6 Albums currently in production. these are the notes i intend to write on the album covers on the making of each song, and you can preview a part of the final produced audio MP3 recordings and a part of the practice live performances i put on YouTube.

# Album Song Title Description ISRC CODE
5 POV Anime Perfect ©2018 anime drawn characters in perfect behavior want out. QZ-E47-21-10501
5 POV Come on Over ©2019 subtext of Kids playing the kid game. QZ-E47-21-10502
5 POV Eclipse ©2018 the total Eclipse of the Sun viewed as a freak of nature. QZ-E47-21-10503
5 POV Hollywood & Lore ©2013 girl with dream of stardom rises and falls in Hollywood. QZ-E47-21-10504
5 POV Look at You ©2014 envying all the attention given to the new girl. QZ-E47-21-10505
5 POV Quiet Noise ©2021 a mother caring for her baby becomes a nervous wreck. QZ-E47-21-10506
5 POV Why ©2017 a news reporter dislikes a political leader's ego and abuse of power. QZ-E47-21-10507
5 POV Poor Mary ©2021 read news events about victims killed by religious zealots. QZ-E47-21-10508
5 POV Why does it Take so Long ©2011 waiting for a indifferent lover isn't worth it. QZ-E47-21-10509
5 POV Time out for Love ©2021 meant for a musical about a friendless girl wandering the streets. QZ-E47-21-10510

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