SONGLIST - LOVE - VOL4 - QZ-E47-21-10400

(c)2010 - 2021 Mark Tang. All Rights Reserved. Lyrics and Music by Mark Tang aka TangMan. Recordings Produced by Rockit Writer.

these are the original songs of Mark Tang aka TangMan, grouped by the 6 Albums currently in production. these are the notes i intend to write on the album covers on the making of each song, and you can preview a part of the final produced audio MP3 recordings and a part of the practice live performances i put on YouTube.

# Album Song Title Description ISRC CODE
4 LOVE Feel this Heartbeat ©2018 sensing the love pheromones of an admirer. QZ-E47-21-10401
4 LOVE Love Means ©2018 taking the risk to love without limits. QZ-E47-21-10402
4 LOVE Lost Memory ©2016 thoughts on how we first shared love but grew apart from it. QZ-E47-21-10403
4 LOVE Lucky Bet ©2017 dedicated to the person who most influenced you to change. QZ-E47-21-10404
4 LOVE Rockit Writeit ©2016 named after my band, liking life without a statement. QZ-E47-21-10405
4 LOVE Swing Me Higher ©2016 childhood memory of feeling carefree on a swing. QZ-E47-21-10406
4 LOVE It's Love ©2021 nonsensical things to do when you're in love. QZ-E47-21-10407
4 LOVE Sweetest Thing ©2021 when someone likes all the things and ways you do. QZ-E47-21-10408
4 LOVE Doggone Walking ©2019 the emotional bond between dogs and their owners. QZ-E47-21-10409
4 LOVE Maybe ©2016 about the chances of making it on the Broadway stage. QZ-E47-21-10410

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