SONGLIST - LOST - VOL2 - QZ-E47-21-10200

(c)2010 - 2021 Mark Tang. All Rights Reserved. Lyrics and Music by Mark Tang aka TangMan. Recordings Produced by Rockit Writer.

these are the original songs of Mark Tang aka TangMan, grouped by the 6 Albums currently in production. these are the notes i intend to write on the album covers on the making of each song, and you can preview a part of the final produced audio MP3 recordings and a part of the practice live performances i put on YouTube.

# Album Song Title Description ISRC CODE
2 LOST At the Edge ©2017 disillusionment with people, places and things makes you want to end it all. QZ-E47-21-10201
2 LOST Elisa Unknown ©2017 fear of the Elisa test, in the form of a temptress. QZ-E47-21-10202
2 LOST No More Baby be Mine ©2013 when you lose that special someone, nothing seems to matter. QZ-E47-21-10203
2 LOST Never Be ©2020 when someone takes away all your senses - sight, sound, feeling - you lose your existence. QZ-E47-21-10204
2 LOST Sparrow ©2017 a tribute to those who died from mass murders at music concerts QZ-E47-21-10205
2 LOST What do you Think ©2011 co-dependents can't think and do for themselves, living only for their other QZ-E47-21-10206
2 LOST Where I Once Lived ©2010 once passed a house in ruins, wondered what happened to who lived there. QZ-E47-21-10207
2 LOST Guessing Game ©2019 judging others because they're not like you. QZ-E47-21-10208
2 LOST Play it Again ©2019 a songwriter's best song is the one that reveals his emotional scars. QZ-E47-21-10209
2 LOST Opposite of Blue ©2017 at night you see the muse of your continuing depression. QZ-E47-21-10210

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