SONGLIST - CRAWL - VOL1 - QZ-E47-21-10100

(c)2010 - 2021 Mark Tang. All Rights Reserved. Lyrics and Music by Mark Tang aka TangMan. Recordings Produced by Rockit Writer.

these are the original songs of Mark Tang aka TangMan, grouped by the 6 Albums currently in production. these are the notes i intend to write on the album covers on the making of each song, and you can preview a part of the final produced audio MP3 recordings and a part of the practice live performances i put on YouTube.

# Album Song Title Description ISRC CODE
1 CRAWL Boardwalk Dance ©2018 inspired the by the life of Venice Beach and Santa Monica California, where i regularly perform. QZ-E4Y-21-10101
1 CRAWL Chic on the Crawl ©2017 about the High Fashion industry and its preoccupation with young girls who have the look. QZ-E4Y-21-10102
1 CRAWL Going in Reverse ©2017 an opposite view of competing and pressing forward in life. QZ-E4Y-21-10103
1 CRAWL Get up and Go ©2019 about Electric scooters and how they contribute to an active lifestyle. QZ-E4Y-21-10104
1 CRAWL Keep On ©2016 against big business and mass thinking QZ-E4Y-21-10105
1 CRAWL NewDance NewRomance ©2016 a dance to leave, forget and start over QZ-E4Y-21-10106
1 CRAWL International Thailand ©2019 a tribute to everything i have read and heard about Thailand. QZ-E4Y-21-10107
1 CRAWL Perfect Match ©2015 inspired by visiting the crowded Ruin Bars in Budapest. QZ-E4Y-21-10108
1 CRAWL Promising Sky ©2019 the life outdoors of the cowboy and cowgirl on their horse. QZ-E4Y-21-10109
1 CRAWL Way of the Gun ©2021 my reaction to gun violence, and the mindset of the killer. QZ-E4Y-21-10110

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