(c)2010 - 2021 Mark Tang. All Rights Reserved. Lyrics and Music by Mark Tang aka TangMan. Recordings Produced by Rockit Writer.

these are the original songs of Mark Tang aka TangMan, grouped by the 6 Albums currently in production. clicking on the image of each album will take you to the Album details for the 10 songs on each album, and how it can be previewed or purchased.

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VOL1 CRAWL QZ-E4Y-21-10100

Boardwalk Dance ©2018

Chic on the Crawl ©2017

Going in Reverse ©2017

Get up and Go ©2019

Keep On ©2016

NewDance NewRomance ©2016

International Thailand ©2019

Perfect Match ©2015

Promising Sky ©2019

Way of the Gun ©2021

VOL2 LOST QZ-E4Y-21-10200

At the Edge ©2017

Elisa Unknown ©2017

No More Baby be Mine ©2013

Never Be ©2020

Sparrow ©2017

What do you Think ©2011

Where I Once Lived ©2010

Guessing Game ©2019

Play it Again ©2019

Opposite of Blue ©2017

VOL3 EDGY QZ-E4Y-21-10300

Cheaper Pill ©2016

Drag a Ball & Chain

Hurry up and Wait ©2013

My Final Inspiration ©2017

Straight Ahead ©2018

Walkie Talkie ©2014

Spy on Me & You

Your Sign ©2018

Heartache on a String ©2020

Celebrity ©2019

VOL4 LOVE QZ-E4Y-21-10400

Feel this Heartbeat ©2018

Love Means ©2018

Lost Memory ©2016

Lucky Bet ©2017

Rockit Writeit ©2016

Swing Me Higher ©2016

It's Love ©2021

Sweetest Thing ©2021

Doggone Walking ©2019

Maybe ©2016

VOL5 POV QZ-E4Y-21-10500

Anime Perfect ©2018

Come on Over ©2019

Eclipse ©2018

Hollywood & Lore ©2013

Look at You ©2014

Quiet Noise ©2021

Why ©2017

Poor Mary ©2021

Why does it Take so Long ©2011

Time out for Love ©2021

VOL6 ONE QZ-E4Y-21-10600